Chemical hoods, biological safety cabinets and everything in between

A safety hood/cabinet is a ventilated installation that protects workers close to it from exposure to dangerous substances. Furthermore, some safety hoods/cabinets provide protection against the materials upon which they are working.

A biological safety cabinet is an installation that allows safe working and biological protection for the lab worker and for the material upon which he is working within the biological chamber. A biological safety cabinet constitutes a clean workspace for the biological sampling conducted in the lab. Biological safety cabinets serve as a means for isolating the biology lab and prevents exposure to contaminating and contagious agents. Some of them are intended, inter alia, to protect against toxic chemical substances. Furthermore, a biological safety cabinet supplies sterile work conditions when conducting work or research.

Types of biological safety cabinets: Among the types of biological safety cabinets are those that protect the employee but that do not provide a sterile work environment; those that provide a sterile work area without protecting the employee; and those that provide both.

A chemical hood is a ventilated installation that protects the workers in its vicinity from exposure to dangerous volatile substances or powders. Chemical hoods are extremely commonplace in chemistry labs and in work locations that work with dangerous substances.

When a company or institution approaches us with a request to install a chemical hood, we begin the process of studying the needs for which the chemical hood is required. After examining and learning the organization’s requirements, we suggest the safety hood/cabinet most suitable for the requirements according to all the standards.

Initially, we check the possibility of offering the standard chemical hood that we manufacture. As the need arises, we also approach competing manufacturers and importers as our guiding consideration is to select a chemical hood most suits that organization’s needs. We operate with professional considerations only which explains why our clients return to us when they start to consider a new project.

Most of our clients are repeat clients or clients who have been recommended to us by a satisfied customer.

Sometimes, “secondhand” chemical hoods or biological safety cabinets (ours or from others) can provide a solution owing to the closure of a company that is selling off its equipment, or due to an excess stock of hoods or cabinets with a particular supplier.

Rotem Technologies, as a manufacturer and supplier of chemical hoods, can match the client with the exact and best product for their needs. Sometimes a client needs to purchase a chemical hood, but during the discussion it becomes apparent that a powders safety hood/cabinet would provide a more accurate solution. Later on, we are informed that the client would like to place the chemical and safety hood/cabinet in a clean room or in a controlled room. Thus, after studying the work methods and the organizational flow chart, it might be found that a biological safety cabinet with an additional air removal system out of the building would provide a better solution for that organization’s requirements. Rotem Technologies, under these circumstances, studies the organization’s flow charts, advises the client until designing and accurately executing a solution to the organization’s needs and requirements, all of which is according to the relevant standards and regulations.

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