Clean rooms - Construction

Clean rooms

Constructing clean rooms is a specialty that requires an investment in a range of systems starting with the air-conditioning system, ventilation and air filtration, up to the construction, materials engineering, electricity and control, plumbing and dedicated piping, safety systems, etc.

What is a clean room?

A room whose level of cleanliness is defined according to the levels of cleanliness for the scope of the client’s activities.

Beyond the level of cleanliness, temperature is also controlled as well as humidity and the pressure differentials between the different levels of cleanliness and other parameters, all of which is according to the character of the clean room and the industry to which it belongs.


Which fields require the construction of a clean room?

Constructing clean rooms is vital in many industries and in a range of fields.

There are clean rooms that have been adapted for the production of electronic components, clean rooms adapted through their finish materials for factories producing medications, clean rooms for manufacturing food additives, for medical preparations, for the medical instrumentation industry, for research or biological production, as well as clean rooms for the chemical industries, agro-biotechnology and other fields.

To construct dedicated clean rooms, broad experience and know-how is required in designing and setting up clean rooms, in setting up production installations and labs for a wide range of sectors in industry, R&D, and with start-ups in Israel and abroad.

Rotem Technologies Engineering Ltd. has know-how and experience in designing and setting up clean rooms combining the definitions phase and initial consulting, through the design and construction of the clean room, ending with conducting validation and final delivery. 

Rotem Technologies believes that “God is in the small details”, and therefore every project for setting up a clean room is accompanied by a project manager and dedicated team personnel who are familiar with all the technologies, standards and finish materials down to the smallest screw. All project managers and teams have knowhow and experience in the definitions phase, designing and physically setting up the project.

Rotem Technologies employs team members who have undergone internal organizational training over a long period of time, who are experienced and professional in all the stages of setting up a clean room starting from the client’s requirements consolidation stage down to the final validation and regular operation.

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