The company is equipped to accompany clients in a wide range of possibilities:

Design services and project accompaniment

Constructing a program and preparing the required documents.

Accompanying clients with the various regulatory offices and providing backup for plans and documents.

Preparing pre-conceptual drawings to define the project area and the infrastructures required.

Assisting and accompanying the client in selecting the building, including checking the building’s compatibility with the systems’ requirements.

Conducting a conceptual design for preparing a budget.

Preparing a Bill of Quantities and a preliminary price assessment.

Providing a detailed design for all project systems, specifications and Bill of Quantities.

Preparing a plan superimposition and budget management.

Management and set up services

Managing and accompanying the project from the conceptual phase to completion.

Managing the project to the end, with a contractual obligation for budget compliance.

Setting up a turnkey project.

Production services and project set up

Setting up the project as a main contractor.

Producing and setting up laboratories including safety hoods/cabinets, lab furniture and designated installations from the DAF brand.

Setting up clean rooms

The entire module may be ordered from TECO Ltd., Italy - represented in Israel by Rotem Technologies.

A possibility of combining Israeli systems with those from TECO, Italy.

Consulting services

Comprehensive professional consulting services on clean rooms and designing a controlled environment.

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