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Rotem Technologies Engineering has been involved in the design and setting up of clean rooms for more than 16 years starting from the design stage until ‘delivering the key’.

“For purposes of constructing designated clean rooms, vast knowhow and experience in the field is required”, says Amir Dargatzky, who has 40 years’ experience in the field. “With us, every project for setting up a clean room is accompanied by a project manager and professionals who have been trained in the definitions phase, design and set up, and who are familiar with all the raw materials as well as the regulations that must be complied with by companies in different sectors”, he continues.

Over the years, the company has designed and set up clean rooms for laboratories, factories and research institutes in the field of chemistry, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and start-ups, etc.

What are clean rooms?

A clean room is a room whose level of cleanliness is defined according to a particular level of cleanliness depending upon the industry in which the client is involved. Beyond the level of cleanliness, there is also importance in respect of temperature, humidity and the pressure differentials between the rooms as well as other parameters.

Designing a clean room that is individually ‘tailor-made’

Designing a clean room is different depending upon the sector in which the business operates. Thus, different regulations apply for different sectors that are set by international organizations such as the FDA and also by local agencies including the Ministry of Health, the Environment Ministry, the local authority, the Fire Authority and other agencies depending upon the sector involved.

The process begins with understanding the requirements for the clean room, writing a program and design for the clean room which is the most suitable for the organization.

“Many bodies that approach us do not know what is required of them for purposes of setting up a clean room and which standards they must comply with”, Amir explains. “We accompany them hand in hand. Our team of experts possesses an in-depth understanding of the range of standards and regulations for the different industries, and work to design a clean room that will comply with all the conditions required”.

Furthermore, the company accompanies its clients in obtaining all of the approvals required from the various agencies both international and local.

Setting up clean rooms

Rotem Technologies Engineering fully accompanies its clients including the design and setting up of clean rooms.

The company represents TECO, a clean rooms manufacturer from Italy and Switzerland. The clean rooms that Rotem Technologies sets up combine products from TECO with products manufactured in Israel for purposes of ensuring that clean rooms comply with the highest standards, with a flexible price and a short timetable.

Bio-capsule - a mobile clean room

Over the last decade, Rotem Technologies has invested in the development of a bio-capsule - a mobile clean room (MBC). This was a challenge that required the company to combine technologies from different industries - from the field of shipping, vehicles, aviation and space.

Today, after having already set up several bio-capsule labs, the company is also offering mobile clean rooms to levels of finish and cleanliness of different types for a range of industries, while adapting them individually to the organization’s requirements.

The advantages of a mobile clean room are many. Firstly, the capsule offers an ideal solution for start-ups that require a clean room and who do not have the physical space suitable for setting up such a room, or they don’t have the time or the budget required for setting up a conventional clean room.

Secondly, this involves an isolated room that can maintain sterility. Workers in the capsule do not move through other zones before they go into it, which is ideal for hospitals. Another advantage that has made these capsules attractive is the internal automatic sterilization system that can perform sterilization after every treatment and thus allows the conducting of several treatments daily.

Do you need more than one capsule? It is possible to connect capsules by means of creating corridors between them for creating departments of mobile clean rooms using a range of models.

Finally, constructing the capsule is significantly cheaper than constructing a permanent clean room and it is also possible to move it at any time within Israel and even abroad.

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