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Constructing clean rooms in a factory in the south of Israel

Constructing clean rooms in a factory in the south of Israel
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The project included:

Setting up an arrangement of clean rooms with each clean room constituting a separate and independent production unit.

Our challenges were:

Constructing clean rooms to a C-grade standard of cleanliness within a very short time frame, complying with all the relevant standards while working within an active factory without stopping its operations during the clean rooms construction work.

In the photograph:

Accompanying the construction process that entailed separating the zones and disconnecting the systems until the final stage.

Stage A: Disconnecting systems and setting up a physical separation between the active production zone and the zone where the clean rooms were being set up.

Stage B: Dividing the work zone into the future rooms, setting up the rooms’ walls, an intermediate ceiling with prefabricated elements, redistributing the existing factory’s systems and assembling new systems laid within the partitions as well as on the clean intermediate ceiling, treating and upgrading the existing flooring.

Stage C: Installing the production machines in the designated clean rooms and connecting feeds that had been pre-prepared depending on the requirements of each machine. Many simulations were conducted for this project at the design stage owing to the unusual size of the machines.

Stage D: Conducting good working order tests and validation for the clean rooms.

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